Personalize it

Our whole catalogue can be tailored to suit the personal needs of those clients eager to stand out, willing to give their project the value it deserves, instead of fitting in with the standard option. This means being equipped with the best available choices on the market. It is also highly rewarding to take part in the production process; the client can partly design his product, giving full expression to his emotions. To meet this kind of needs, we offer you the utmost chances of personalization, from choosing the paint color among silver, black, white and yellow, to the realization of the sticker.

    As shown on the images, you can change the color of the sticker, put your name and race number, as well as your logo.
    We create the graphic design based entirely on your colors, name, race number, logos and/or sponsors, allowing you to give maximum visibility to your and your partners’ values.

How does it work? The process is easy:

    You can personalize the item in the product data sheet on the website at the time of purchase; the product will arrive directly at the specified address with the required personalization.
    Please send us an email to agree upon the personalization. As soon as your payment arrives, our graphic designer will prepare the artwork and will send you an email with his draft proposal. Once confirmed by your side, the product will arrive at the specified address with the required personalization.

Click here to see the stickers of our customizable products!

Graphics on sale -50%

Do you already have a customized F16 Product and need a new graphics? 50% discount for your new graphic!

How does it work?

After the first purchase of our F16 customized product you’ll riceive a discount coupon for your next graphic! (without deadline)

TIMES: 6/7 working days from the day of purchase.