Made in Italy craftsmanship is what allows our products to stand out. Our attention to details and quality, as well as the careful choice of raw materials, intentionally position our brand far from the usual stylistic standards dictated by the industry.

For us, being recognized as “artisans” is a long-lasting added value; the whole world is fascinated by the uniqueness of products coming from our land and our passion for motor racing… and when our passion turned into a career, F16 Project was born.

This idea originates as a family run business, developing from forty years of experience in product design and first-hand racing in motorsport as pilots. F16 product line boasts a fully made in Italy handcrafted production, starting from the idea all the way to the entire supply chain.

F16 tools are made in aluminum to ensure a higher lightness and durability. Each item is marked by a label with our logo, as a guarantee of uniqueness and authenticity.